wOw's Question of the Week: What was YOUR biggest angst this week?

Too often nowadays — just when things seem to be on track — something goes awry. From the deal you thought you’d closed to the cockroach that scooted beneath your kitchen cabinet during a midnight ice cream raid to the parking ticket you received when you misread the street sign … we’ve all been there. What was YOUR biggest angst this week? JudithMartinSMSQ.jpg

Judith Martin
Angst? I’m in Venice. We don’t do angst here.
Well, there is the fact that the telephone doesn’t work in the house (although wifi does). Not a real problem, though. All I had to do was suspend the telephone from the window latch so I can hang out the window when it rings and tell the caller to hold on while I go out to the courtyard, where it works fine. Especially if it’s not raining.


Mary Wells
Lately the press has been full of news about The Return of Bedbugs. This week I think or imagine my hotel beds have them. It is an itchy irritating feeling even if you search and find no bedbugs. I even considered packing clothes in plastic so I can’t take hotel bedbugs home with me. That is what the press tells me to do. Crazy?

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  1. avatar Linda Myers says:

    In the city where I live and state, using car seats/booster seats for children by law is either until they are 8 years old or eighty pounds, yet picking up my seven year old grandson from school each day I observe teachers hearding children into cars and watching the cars leave without children being restrained or in car seats. In 2000, Cheyenne a 6 year old girl at that time who grew up with my grandson was thrown out the back window during a fender bender on Easter night and died. Since then, this subject to myself has special meaning. Yesterday, following a parent out of the parking lot with his small chlid and driving like an idiot, was the breaking point. Via sending messages to the police department and copying to the district, today changes were promised to be urgent and immediate by both. It should not take a fatality to wake up parents and for some reason this felt like it needed to be done immediately, so I did. Probably not a favorite with the school district this morning, so be it.

  2. avatar Tabatha01 says:

    I have absolutely no clue as to whether anyone will ever see this comment several months after the question was published.  However, this was a week seared into my memory for life.  On 11/2/10 our house caught fire.  We are all now safe and together (even the fur children, Boo Boo and Triger with one ‘g’).  I am still reeling and as of this week (the week of Valentine Day 2011) our house has yet to been rebuilt.  So the angst has lasted months.  I have 2 children whom I love with all my heart and this fire is pushing my husband and I to our limits.  I think we may make it.  God only knows and to him I pray.  But I have discovered something amazing: My Mom, all over again.  Thank you Mom.  I Love You.  In all my 41 years I have known how special you were, perhaps this was to remind me.