wOw's Question of the Week: When has jumping the gun left you wishing you could take back your actions?

Even Obama shoots from the hip resulting in the disastrous Shirley Sherrod affair this year and the Henry Gates affair last year. Tell us about a time when you reacted too quickly …

I’m sure I’ve jumped the gun many times. The most recent: I wrote a snarky e-mail to one member of the family about another member of the family and sent it to the subject of the e-mail. It was not a disaster fortunately but it sobered me up a lot about e-mail and my inclination to reply right away rather than think it over before I answer and then double-check the addressee. The most memorable gun jumper I ever knew was a friend in college who reported after a date that she had accepted her boyfriend’s proposal. Her mother and friends began talking right away about when the wedding would be and there was much hugging and smiling. It turned out that he had not really proposed; he had merely talked about marriage in some abstract way. All the joy was followed by a lot of weeping.


Well, I had a bad habit of telling the truth when it was unnecessary to do so. I mean … for years I thought it was my “job” to explain to people why they weren’t invited to a party (you get drunk just too easily) or didn’t get into the fancy club (no one really likes your husband) or hadn’t yet been asked to get married (if you only fixed your teeth). Anyway, very recently I was skewered by a reporter who wrote the meanest things about me. I tried to think why and then remembered that about five years ago someone from the press asked me about him. I said all kinds of lovely things, but then I included the truth – that he was very bad about making deadlines (and he was). He paid me back. If I had it to do all over …

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