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Candice Bergen was born into the heady Hollywood of the 1950s, as the daughter of celebrated ventriloquist, Edgar Bergen and his beautiful wife Frances. Her “brother” at the time was known as a sarcastic little wooden dummy that her dad called Charlie McCarthy. Together with her father and Charlie, Candice made her television debut in 1958 on Groucho Marx’s famous live quiz show “You Bet Your Life.” In the limelight ever since, she has utilized her many gifts as a talented actress, model, photographer, author, social activist, socialite and legendary beauty.

Her screen credits include film roles in “The Sand Pebbles,” “Carnal Knowledge,” and “Starting Over.” On television, she made headlines as the tough-talking broadcast journalist and star of “Murphy Brown,” for which she won five Emmys before she refused to accept any further nominations, in order to give other actresses a fighting chance. That independent spirit continues to shine in Bergen’s current starring role on ABC’s hit series, “Boston Legal,” where she appears as one of the founders of a law firm, who still catches every man’s eye.

A gifted writer, Bergen has penned numerous articles, a play and a bestselling memoir, entitled Knock Wood. She was offered the chance to be a real journalist (instead of portraying one) by “60 Minutes.” She turned down the job, saying that her real “calling” was as an actor.

Known for her keen intellect, humor and as a down-to-earth sex symbol, she dotes on her only child, Chloe, now a teenager and the daughter of Bergen’s late first husband, French film director Louis Malle. She is now enjoying a great later-life romance with second hubby, Marshall Rose, a New York-based philanthropist and all around good guy.

My Favorites

Dead to Me:

I Don’t Care What They Say:

  • One of the joys of being a geezer is that I really don’t care what they say anymore.

My Shoes:

  • My husband was wearing a pair of Ferragamo loafers the night we met and I am going to have them bronzed.
  • Shoes for me: moccasins — all and every kind, but mostly Tod’s and Belgian loafers. I can’t deal with heels.

My Remedies:

I Love(d) Reading:

I Wish I Lived In:

  • A tent in East Africa. But where I actually live is pretty swell.

I am Miserly About:

I Want to Own:

  • Less stuff

I’m Addicted To:

The First Thing I Do in the Morning Is:

I Use:

  • Less and less
  • My husband’s tee shirts, socks, and last week, by accident, his pants, which fit.

I Admire:

  • My daughter
  • Energy
  • Productivity
  • Self-starters
  • Dynamism
  • Selflessness
  • Stephen Colbert

I Respect:

  • My daughter
  • All animals
  • The kind and the conscious
  • Older people who just don’t quit
  • Discipline
  • More and more, rules

What Wows Me: