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My Favorites

Sweet Memories:

The births of my kids
Hearing my husband read the vows he’d written himself

What Makes Me Mad:


What Never Fails to Get My Attention:

A man with a ruddy complexion

My Favorite Health Tip:

Eat what you want – just save half for later

Why I Hate My Computer:

I don’t.

Why I Love My Computer:

I don’t.  But I like it a lot.

My Tool:

MacBook Air – I bought it as a present for myself for finishing a recent book.  Amazing the difference it makes lugging three pounds everywhere I go rather than five or six…

Favorite Quote:

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” – Madeleine Albright

I Miss:

My dad.

What Makes Me Sweat:

Lately it doesn’t take much

Hate to Eat:


What I Love the Most:

My children, husband, mother and cockapoo
August weekends at the Jersey Shore
Restaurants where you can bring your own wine
The first really warm day of spring

Things I Hate the Most:

Waiting for the cable company
Long lines that don’t move

My Dream Experience Would Be:

Winning the Pillsbury Bake Off

Dead To Me:

They know who they are

I Don’t Care What They Say:

It isn’t going to hurt anyone to use my Blackberry before we hit the tarmac

My Shoes:

Saucony for running, Stuart Weitzman for work, and Havaianas or Hunters for everything in between.

My Foods:

Roast chicken from Chez Allard in Paris or Zuni Café in San Francisco
Donuts from the Donut Plant (thankfully also stocked at Dean and DeLuca)
Fried Calamari from Harvey Cedars Shellfish
Grande Half-Caf Misto (cheaper than a latte but just as good)
Pretty much any Ina Garten recipe
Did I mention chardonnay?

My Remedies:


I Love(d) Reading:

Mysteries and thrillers with female protagonists
Books about food (not just Julie and Julia but Jane and Michael Stern, Gael Greene, Bill Buford, etc.)
The New York Times Science section

I Love(d) Listening To:

Jim Dale read the Harry Potter movies on tape
Old James Taylor, Roseanne Cash, Carole King and Elton John
Classic Musicals

I Love(d) Watching:

Pretty much all Sondheim (most recently “A Little Night Music”)
“Spring Awakening“, “Jersey Boys”, “Wicked” and most Broadway musicals
Every Harry Potter movie

I Wish I Lived In A…:

Place where I could run outside year round – in shorts

Things I Am Miserly About:

Time with my girlfriends
My morning runs

I Want To Own:

A house on the bay on Long Beach Island, NJ
With the entire Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams furniture line to fill it

I’m Addicted To:

Mint M&Ms
Animal crackers (not cookies, crackers)
Cherry Twizzlers
(do you see a trend here?)
Running in the Rockefeller Preserve
And 2 1/2-star movies I can watch over and over (“Serendipity”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “National Treasure”, etc.)

The First Thing I Do in the Morning Is:

Turn on the “Today Show” if it’s after 7 or “Morning Joe” if it’s before. (I’m very loyal)

I Use:

A flat-iron
A 20-year-old KitchenAid stand mixer (still going strong!)
And lately, a Kindle, which I got for my birthday.  Never would have bought it for myself but I totally love it.

I Admire:

Mothers who never yell
Anyone who truly believes they have the whole balance thing figured out.  (Personally, I don’t believe it exists)

My Website(s):

My Professional Links:

NBC “Today Show” Financial Editor
NY Daily News Columnist
More Magazine Columnist

What Wows Me:

My two children – and the speed at which they are getting older and wiser.
The knife skills of a talented chef
People with the willpower to accomplish big goals