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Joan Ganz Cooney co-founded a little phenomenon called “Sesame Street.” It became the world famous Children’s Television Workshop, now the Sesame Workshop. She has at least a dozen university doctorates and Bill Clinton gave her the President’s Medal of Freedom, our highest civilian award. George W. Bush then added the Humanities Medal.

Brilliant, dedicated, smart and chic, she rose through P.R. at NBC and became a Channel Thirteen producer. Never a mother herself, she became the “Mother” of Big Bird. Married to high finance titan Pete Peterson, she has many step-children and step-grandkids. Although Joan says she doesn’t even like children, everything signals otherwise. Joan is celebrated among her crowd for having had a happy adolescence.

My Favorites

Things I Can Do Without:

  • Loud people
  • Traffic jams
  • Long-winded stories from well-meaning people
  • Telephone cold sales calls

I Adore:

  • Dogs
  • Great conversation
  • Great books
  • Anything that makes me laugh long and hard

Most Important to Me:

  • My husband, children and grandchildren

Sweet Memories:

  • My college years

What Makes Me Mad:

  • Mistreatment of animals and children

What Never Fails to Get My Attention:

  • Stories about children who have disappeared

Why I Hate My Computer:

  • Because it takes up too much of my time

Why I Love My Computer:

  • Because it’s a quick way of communicating and getting information

Favorite Quote:

  • I have many favorites – too many to write down

I Miss:

  • Being at a younger age when people didn’t talk about their health all the time

I Like the Feeling Of:

  • Air conditioning when it’s hot outside
  • Heat when it’s cold

What Makes Me Sweat:

  • Tennis in hot weather

Hate to Eat:

  • I don’t hate to eat anything. I wouldn’t eat it if I hated it. I just push those things aside or say, “No thank you.”

What I Love the Most:

  • Laughing

My Favorite Things:

  • All the photos of family and friends in my bookcases in New York and Watermill

My Shoes:

Things I Hate the Most:

  • Noisy restaurants
  • Interruptions of interesting conversations
  • Self-involved people who talk too much

Dead to Me:

Tacky Things I Can’t Do Without:

My Foods:

My Remedies:

  • Pedicures with leg and foot massage
  • Late afternoon naps if I’m going out
  • Watching “The Daily Show” at 11pm
  • Time by myself

I Love(d) Reading:

I Love(d) Listening to:

I Love(d) Watching:

I Wish I Lived in:

  • A great hotel with room service

I Want to Own:

My Dream Experience Would Be:

I’m Addicted To:

  • E-mail
  • Reading articles in newspapers and magazines

The First Thing I Do In The Morning Is:

Look at the newspapers’ headlines;

I am Happiest:

  • When I’m with people who make me laugh

I Admire:

  • The Founding Fathers of our country
  • Winston Churchill & Franklin Roosevelt

I Respect:

  • Anyone who puts his or her life in danger or even in stark discomfort to help others

What Wows Me:

My Professional Links: