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Lily Tomlin is one of the best-loved women in America. Maybe she has enemies, but try to find one. She’s an all-American natural. Born in Detroit, she has won — over a 40-year career — two Tonys, two Peabodys, six Emmys, a Grammy, the Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle awards, plus the Mark Twain Prize for American humor. Her 70’s characters for TV’s “Laugh-in” include: the irascible, prune-faced telephone operator Ernestine; the precocious sandbox philosopher, six year old Edith Ann, in an oversized rocking chair; and the Tasteful Lady, imperious and upper-class, who never fails to puncture her own pretense.

Her one-woman Broadway performance in Jane Wagner’s “The Search for Signs of “Intelligent Life in the Universe” became a classic. She has made 18 films and was nominated for an Oscar for her debut in Robert Altman’s “Nashville.” She will be seen next in Steve Martin’s “Pink Panther, 2.” Lily lives in Los Angeles with her partner, writer Jane Wagner, another one of the wOws!

My Favorites

I Love(d) Watching:

The “Beebo Brinker Chronicles”

What Wows Me:

What Makes Me Mad:

  • The way chickens are raised, and the lies told about it — ‘cage free’ just means they’re in a huge warehouse full of chickens

What Makes Me Sweat:

  • Public humiliation. But it’s also the only thing that makes me exercise

I Like the Feeling Of:

  • Tickle Salon

Dead to Me:

  • Fur coats
  • Those poor lobsters in tanks in restaurants

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I Don’t Care What They Say:

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I Love(d) Reading:

I’m no friend to good literature

I Use:

  • Rubber gloves to do the dishes
  • Rite Aid generic brand baby shampoo to bathe in

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