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Mary Wells, legendary entrepreneur, broke the glass ceiling back in the Seventies when she founded the ad and marketing agency, Wells Rich Greene. She was so far ahead of her time that the idea of a woman succeeding in a man’s world didn’t even have a name. But Mary gave a name to everything.

Her agency created the “I Love New York” campaign and Alka Seltzer’s “Plop Plop Fizz Fizz.”It was Mary who famously painted the Braniff airplanes in bright colors, there by smashing the competition.

She was the first female CEO to take a company public and on to the New York Stock Exchange. She is in the Advertising Hall of Fame and The One Club’s Creative Hall of Fame. Ad Age said: “She is advertising’s most widely publicized symbol of glamour, success, wealth, brains and beauty.”

She is the widow of Harding Lawrence. With her family, she has lived and worked in New York, Dallas, London, Cap Ferrat France, Mexico and Brazil. Her home is now on the island of Mustique and she travels in her glamorous Feadship “Strangelove.” She wrote a memoir, A Big Life — In Advertising, and is busy on another book, develops real estate and helps women with problems to overcome them. She sees this website as a rare and exciting place to meet and talk to women who know the answers…“a place to turn up the heat and the savvy in your life and to accelerate your successes.”

My Favorites

Sweet Memories:

  • Homes: Especially “La Fiorentina” in France, Chesham Place in London and “The Terraces” in Mustique
  • Swimming out with my daughters when they were small and my husband to our Riva in Cap Ferrat and zooming off for lunch in St. Tropez
  • The saxophone player standing barefoot in wavelets during dinners at the beach restaurant close to our home in France
  • The first day of my agency, Wells Rich Greene, with Charlie Moss and 35 great talents along with I Love New York, Alka Seltzer, and years of wonderful accounts
  • Painting Braniff planes different colors
  • When my friend, John, and I were young and New York was the world
  • When “Strangelove” sailed out of Amels in Amsterdam for the Mediterranean — “That’s my boat,” I thought
  • Portofino in October— it’s like an opera stage set and we are the only boat in port
  • My first sight of British Columbia
  • My first sight of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
  • Pasteque and Sandia, my King Charles Spaniels

Most Important to Me:

  • My daughters, Katy and Pamela and their families
  • My most beloved friends

My Foods:

I Adore:

  • Kissing
  • Dancing
  • Eye locks with witty, sexy men
  • Basketball players
  • Theatre — too much to choose from
  • Blueberries
  • Caviar — gone baby gone.
  • Boat life
  • Netjets
  • Mustique, the Mediterranean, New York
  • Hotel La Mirande in Avignon and the Splendido Mare in Portofino
  • Capri convertibles and their funny drivers and the smiling life
  • Radical thinking, going to the edge
  • Hunger
  • A really new idea…breakthroughs
  • Thinking forward not backward and moving on
  • Sensitivity and generosity
  • A sense of spirit
  • Honesty
  • Epiphanies
  • Art in all its many forms now
  • BAM
  • Chorus line and Radio City Music Hall kicks
  • The new rainshowers
  • Clean sheets
  • Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and especially Melinda Gates making things better
  • Doing my fastwalk up Madison at sundown without a credit card
  • Dogs
  • Spur of the moment espresso in a shop, on the street
  • Kastro’s bar in Mykonos, Greece