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Sheila Nevins is a true legend in television. She has won nine Oscars, 13 Primetime Emmys, 22 News and Documentary Emmys and 18 George Foster Peabody awards for HBO. She also received a personal Peabody award. In 2005, she was given the Documentary Emmy for Lifetime Achievement as well as another Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Documentary Association. She is in the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame. Sheila began her career with the U.S. Information Service after attending Barnard and Yale. She has been a producer for ABC and CBS, a writer for Time-Life Films and worked for the Children’s Television Workshop. Sheila joined HBO in 1979 and has gone to glory for this unique network time after time. Now she is president of Documentary and Family Programming for HBO and Cinemax. She is married and has one child. She is flamboyant, glamorous, terribly funny and she always cleans her plate.

My Favorites


Tacky Things I Can’t Do Without:

  • Maybelline mascara
  • Painted toenails
  • Blue eye shadow

I am Happiest When:

  • The work I do is received favorably, and when I feel I’ve done my very best to make it as good as it can be.
  • When it’s cold outside, and my family is tucked away safely inside – work family and personal family.

What I Love the Most:

  • My amazing son

I Hoard:

  • Jay Strongwater frames – I love the detail, and I love the pictures of old and forgotten people. I make an imaginary family out of them.

Hate to Eat:

What Makes Me Sweat:

  • Nothing, really
  • I guess if it was 100 degrees, I’d sweat, but in life, I cool off very quickly. My favorite expressions are “cool it,” and “let go.”

I Like the Feeling Of:

Dead to Me:

I Respect:

  • People who make it on their own
  • People who don’t hold vendettas, and allow it to cripple them

I Admire:

  • People who are generous about other people’s success

The First Thing I Do in the Morning Is:

  • Get the sandman out of my eyes

My Drinks:

I Don’t Care What They Say:

  • I don’t believe that people lose their acumen when they age. The older you get, the more you can count on experience to make decisions.

My Shoes:

  • I can’t wear heels. I get flats from the Neiman Marcus catalogue two pairs at a time.

My Foods:

  • Frozen Oh Henrys
  • Mostly foods that are high-caloric, hi-fat, and very sweet. It’s bad, but true.

I Love(d) Reading:

I Love(d) Watching:

  • Sunset Boulevard, having not seen it for twenty years. Gloria Swanson resonated as a woman coping with age in a desperate manner.

I Use:

  • Clearasil – and I’m not a teenager anymore.

What Wows Me:

  • the sound of my own heart beating
  • People who are generous about others’ success
  • People who give anonymously