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Whoopi Goldberg has won the Oscar, the Tony, the Emmy, the Grammy, the Mark Twain Award for humor, and has been named a Living Landmark in New York City where she lives. Not long ago, she joined Barbara Walter’s ABC-TV show “The View,” bringing it instant controversy and a touch of sanity. She is, in the wowOwow view, the greatest host ever to wow them at the Academy Awards. She is a unique acting and writing talent with a highly developed social conscience. She has a daughter, three grandchildren, many ex-husbands scattered around the world and a clutch of famous beaus.

My Favorites

My Favorite Things:

I Respect:

  • Your right to disagree

What Wows Me:

  • Everything

Dead to Me:

  • I don’t even remember who they are

I Don’t Care What They Say:

  • — as long as it’s constructive.

My Shoes:

My Drinks:

My Remedies:

  • A good strong hand fan

I Collect:

I Love(d) Reading:

  • Everything.  My joy in books is boundless. I’m a collector.

I Love(d) Listening To:

I Love(d) Watching:

I Wish I Lived In:

  • A perfect world where everybody was equal and everybody could afford what they wanted and needed.
  • A townhouse.

I am Miserly About:

  • My time
  • My Whole Foods 365 Potato Chips — you can’t touch them! Plain regular salt flavor.

I Use:

I Want to Own:

  • Beautiful stuff like great writing utensils. My favorites are from Loiminchay (they make beautiful pens, carved from jade and ivory) and a website called Nibs.com.

The First Thing I Do in the Morning Is:

  • First, I get really excited that I woke up. You never know, you know.
  • Then I pee.

I’m Addicted To:

  • The Gem Shopping Network
  • Lazaro jewelry
  • Any type of Scratch Lottery Tickets—if I won? I’d pick ten schools in the New York/New Jersey area where they have no gyms, and buy them each a Dance Dance Revolution machine. If you had two machines you’d get the first graders against each other, and the second graders against the fifth graders, and get them all thin again. I’d get them the new Wii that you do the hula with. And then I’d get myself a townhouse. And the rest of the money I’d put to work for us wherever we need it.

I Admire: