“A GENTLEMAN is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally,” said Oscar Wilde.


THOSE WHO tuned in to the Oscar telecast on Sunday night were mostly bored. But moments of interest popped up now and then. A few of those were supplied by George Clooney, a consummate actor with a good sense of humor.

Viewers were treated to audience reaction shots of what appeared to be a visibly annoyed Gorgeous George. He was being poked fun at by hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. At other times, when the jokes were on other celebrities, Clooney seemed equally peeved.

I wonder. It looked to me like George was suffering from jet lag. If you’re beat, nothing’s funny. (George did have a flask tucked in his tux, which he showed on TV. That should have soothed him!) Pals of the actor himself insist his grumpy face was all “an act” – just part of the joke.

Still, Clooney was reportedly “nonplussed” by the Oscar telecast in general and feels that … he could do it better! Yep, we hear that the star expressed some interest in hosting the show next year. Solo.

I’m sure this is going to be shot down instantly by Clooney’s dogged press rep Stan Rosenfield. (Stan has probably already put out a release that the flask was empty or filled with mineral water.)

But I like the idea of Mr. Clooney as host. He is Hollywood’s stalwart lead actor and good industry representative. Maybe we need to get back to one suave, amusing host who just … hosts. “And here is … and now we have … my pleasure to introduce.”


IS ADAM of this earth? Must be from another planet in a constellation far, far away – Vulpecula – the Fox. The male fox – the vix!”

That is what a woman named Kath Hollingsworth (known online as Xena) is writing about Adam Lambert, the flamboyant “American Idol” contestant who loves to push buttons.

Remember the “American Music Awards” controversy – Adam bumping, grinding, kissing guys, groping girls? (Just last week he was performing in Australia, decked out in some sort of kinky gothic getup, complete with an enormous spiked codpiece.)

Ms. Hollingsworth and her friend June Kinoshita (Juneau is her cyber-name) became “Glamberts” after Allegra Huston’s essay “What Is It about Adam Lambert?” appeared on the wowOwow website last June.

That post created a firestorm of comment and cyber-interaction. Two of the most prolific bloggers – Hollingsworth and Kinoshita – have now compiled hundreds of their own and others’ postings and put them into book form. It is titled On the Meaning of Adam Lambert.

Adam is famously out and proudly gay, yet most of the besotted bloggers are women. There are a few guys in the mix, but something about Mr. Lambert seems to strike a hot chord in the bosoms of many a lady. He’s a mix of Elvis and Liberace. With some wannabe Madonna thrown in.

Neither Hollingsworth or Kinoshita are young screamers. They are highly lettered, professional, happily married wives and mothers, who “never saw it coming!” “It” being Mr. Lambert and his cobalt-blue eyes and impressive voice.

The book is page after page of wild and sexy musings on Adam – it gets downright Dionysian at times. And, as anybody who has ever visited a website knows, the conversations can swerve into more personal areas and revelations, even when discussing something as seemingly innocuous and (to some) as silly as a pop star who wears a lot of eyeliner.

This is proof positive that you never know what’s going to happen in this new world of websites – you start out offering an opinion, you end up with a book! Hollingsworth and Kinoshita give full credit to the wOw site for having launched their new lives as published authors! On the Meaning of Adam Lambert is available on order from Amazon.