I have to say I agree with Joan on Elizabeth Edwards. The woman has terminal cancer for Christ’s sake and three kids and has been married to someone she describes as a good man for many years. The sleaze in this is, of course, John, but Rielle Hunter — who came up with that ridiculous name herself by the bye; her name used to be something entirely other and she gives women a black eye. We all know the type, they make your hair go all weird and your teeth chatter. They are utterly amoral, without a shred of conscience and tough as tacks. But I seem to have veered off message here. I also, like Joan, question her writing a book but till I read some of it, I’ll hold off on blathering on about it. She is a remarkable woman and I am very sorry she has had so much to endure. Including a husband who is dumb enough to be sucked in by an ambitious cooze.