New York City’s first mother turns 100 years old today, a milestone birthday that Charlotte Bloomberg will celebrate with her son, Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The 66-year-old mayor, who jokes about his own age as a senior citizen, says he admires his mother’s longevity. He says his mother remembers electricity first coming into her home and the first car in the neighborhood. Today, she carries a cell phone and e-mails, he says.

The mayor already bought his mother an extraordinary birthday present: a new 12-story children’s hospital for the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, which is named in her honor, the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center.

To celebrate the centennial birthday, the mayor, along with his companion, Diana Taylor, and sister, Marjorie Bloomberg Tiven, will visit Charlotte, who resides outside Boston, MA, and enjoy a quiet lunch reminiscing.

Happy birthday to a wowOwow woman, Charlotte Bloomberg!