A new report drawing on more than 250 scientific studies suggests that in the next gazillion years (drawing on Darwin’s theory of evolution) dames may very well rule the planet. That’s because the world’s leading scientists – a bunch of very brilliant gentlemen who once derived from apes — have found that males are more susceptible to damage from pesticides and other chemicals than females, making them the “weaker” gender.

According to the report published by the charity CHEM Trust, chemicals, including phthalates, used in food wrapping, cosmetics, baby powders and flame retardants have been identified as “endocrine disrupters.” Also referred to as “gender benders,” these chemicals are “feminizing” males of every class of vertebrates — from fish, hamsters and roaches to eagles, polar bears and humans. Among the research that supports the argument that human males are weaker than females: North American scientists found that baby boys born to women exposed to widespread chemicals in pregnancy are born with smaller penises and feminized genitals.

While you’re immediately thinking that you always knew that we were the far superior sex, this study may have far deeper implications. According to the great minds of Darwin and Herbert Spencer, it seems that males are adapting as a means for survival. Male species who may be unable to adapt may find themselves the “unfit” sex … and hence, become extinct. This process is called natural selection. So, what happens if the feminization of men continues? What if their penises shrink into oblivion? Last we checked, humans still need both sexes to reproduce. What will happen to human reproduction?